Reviews for "360 - Console Wars"

Response to the noob who likes Metal Gear

Hey tard, try the online mode. I got gears of war and NEVER played campaign. So gtfo please, and l2play. Gears of War online RAPES metal gear. Who gives a shit about a story line.

VIVA THA!!! SPARTA 360!!! AWE!!!

Few things in this world have been created with such perfection, this movie is one of those. You have good ideas and wath else could be said, a beautiful "metamorfosis" of Xbox360 and 300 can't be more perfect than this one!!! you rock!!! viva sparta 360!!!

keep it up, you are a winner!!!


lmfao, nice job dude!!

My god ...

It was good i could'nt stop laughing haha plus it kinda partrays what i think aswell that the 360 is well mega better than the PS3


LMAO!!!!!!!! this is got to be the second best 300 parody (south parks is by far the best) ive seen. its an awesome flash and is further influenceing my decison to buy a 360 instead of a PS3 and i just hate the Wii cuz i got drunk while playing it and flew out a window but thats another story......great flash man!!!! u got my 5 on this one