Reviews for "360 - Console Wars"


every one knows 360 is crap compared to ps3 and there was absolutly no point to that


comming never??? your a moron ...u should of make it till the end with 10,000 360s


Thats pretty awesome man...

Lol, if you put the Wii in it would have to smacked around alot. :)

What... No Wii?

Why didn't you put the wii in there?

Oh well nice job and good animation.

Btw guy who who reviewed before me its called 360 not because it favours Xbox but cause its parodie of the film 300


I like that's a lot however you calmer to have no futurism but its called 360 so wouldn't that be favoring xbox? Still is is very good and I love the 300 parts. One question, how come the PS3 had no game/shield things?