Reviews for "360 - Console Wars"

Pretty god-damm cool

Well, looks like somebody FINALLY connected the dots..... but hilarious nevertheless.

And about your comment that the Wii has outsold them both;

The PS3 has sold 3.15 million units as of April 1st, 2007;
The Wii has sold 6.17 million units as of April 6th, 2007;
And the Xbox360 has sold ~12 million units as of January 5th, 2007;

All this can be found on Wikipedia.

Awesome but...

The popping sound is just awful, i know you're getting lots about the sound but i have a different question, WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE SONG IN THE BACKGROUND I'VE HEARD IT BEFORE BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT IS CALLED PLZ HELP!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! i gave sound seven cuz of popping sry

Black-Fox5 responds:

Even I don't know what the song Name is. All I know is, "Nine Inch Nails". Sorry, That's all I know.


The end got me... never coming... lol :P


that waz funny unlike other ppl who dont no humor.. hehehe its funny AND IM NOT BEING SARCASTIC!

funny because xbox 360 are the spartans.

funny because xbox 360 are the spartans.
could be better grapics but i guess that was not the point.
keep it up! ps: i voted 5 =)