Reviews for "360 - Console Wars"


why cant ever1 just leave 360 and ps3 alone? the ps3 tops the 360 anyday and all the 360 fans all they can do is make movies, of killing and/or damaging a ps3...are you guys that scared???

Black-Fox5 responds:

and I'd say on my comments that I'm doing this for fun. Read the crap history books and you'll know that Spartan Lose!


i loved it it was amazing great job keep thm comong

360 is fewer?

It's a good flash, but you kinda screwed up with the "few stood against many", because as it is now, there are alot fewer ps3s around and MS is the one trying to take over! :D


its pretty great.
creative and original lol!

you should of added the Xbox 360 elite like in special appearance :P

above all its a great flash.

ehh, could have done better

i loved the idea, but you could have put something to do with leanidus as like, the super 360. plus their swords looked like crap. but that didnt really matter. what really looked wierd was the background. i think you should have put more into the cliffs and stuff and reused it. from a viewing stand point, awesome flash, great idea, loved it, hilarious. but from a critical stand point, it was just the commercial, and even then the graphics wernt to die for. but i really liked it. (i gave zero for violence cuz no blood)