Reviews for "360 - Console Wars"


Pretty good, but wheres the nintendo wii??? anyway, the movement was not realistic but what does that matter when its as simple and fantastic as this? well done :)

Pretty Good

Its good, but you should have made the Persians be the X360 and the Spartans PS3, cause like everyone know, this battle will be won by the Xbox360 but they will loose the (console)war

Great concept

I really liked the concept for this flash but I thought it was strange how the consoles were 2d paper cutouts in certain places. The animation was decent but probably could have been better. Still, being a huge fan of 300, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Flashwise, it wasn't bad. It was synced well with the 300 movie.

On a note about the Wii, it's pretty frickin easy to sell a bunch of cheap systems.


Wikipedia is not a valid source of information since it is user created.

That and I can GUARANTEE you that the ps3 has not sold 3.15 million copies.

Even in japan they haven't sold that many. Along with the xbox360. So yeah, your little thought there about how the wiis been outsold, is a load of shit sorry. I really don't feel like citing sources but if I have to I must.

But by the way that flash movie was really well done 5 for you and congrats.