Reviews for "360 - Console Wars"

lol i agree

i agree about the ps3 getting choped and stuff like that well done


That was hilarious! The end made me laugh pretty hard with the "coming never" . The only problem was when the scenes changed it would crack on the speakers but amazing! 300 is one of the best movies in a while and this was right along with it in the spoofs of the movie! Great job and keep it up!

Please no Fanboyistm.

I see preety good. I have seen a lot of trailers and teaser around and most of them are mediocre this is over most of them. Try making better shodow effects, stylizing the textures. and put in order the music.


we all know that the 360 will never beat the PS3, so i wont yell because i know im right.
The movie 300 sucked by the way, too many special effects.
The only reason to buy a 360 would be for dead or alive extreme or for halo3.
but still, PS3 has Final Fantasy


A bit short but i liked how u didnt play favorites and how u made it seem like 300 good job