Reviews for "360 - Console Wars"

Forgot Something

After all the PS3s are defeated from the awaiting army of 360's, blood and gore covering the landscape, the red rings of death slowly but surely annhialate thousands upon thousands of Xboxs. From the shadows, with nunchuks and zappers in hand, come the allmighty army of Wiis, who erradicate all that is left, taking their true spot as winner of the console wars!!!


That is so true, the 360's only defense is ''Gears'' fukken right


And we all know that in the end, it is sort of a draw. PS3 will make it to the 360's "Sparta", and then get thrashed by the 30,000 X-box 360's waiting there. LOL.

i know why there's no wii

because the wii is already god and just likes to watch the competition foolishly fight each other when they will never be the best. Besides, as soon as brawl comes out the wii will become a supergod, in fact, i tyed this all on my wii. Can a 360 do that? no. Can a Ps3? yes, but its overpriced and only has about 5 good games. also, who gives a crap about blu-ray?


Everybody knows teh Xbox 360 is teh greatest, but very nice flash anyways.

P.S. what happened to the Wii? Not worth your time? Probably isn't...