Reviews for "360 - Console Wars"

personally i like xbox 360 better

plz make a real movie about 360:D


I read that sony fan boy's review. Man I hate fan boys they piss me off. I personally like PS3 than XBOX 360 but I don't go around the web saying what's better. I don't care if the 360's were like the winners, but I liked the flash it was funny

a little late i know but...

great work by the way, and yes 360 dose lose the batte but in the end they win the war c=

every onehates blu ray? poor people?

wtf is with this blu ray hating and ps3 pricing??? the fact is that...
blu ray: its better than hd and has an alternate ending option for some movies.
"waa im too poor to afford a ps3 waa waa trailer park.. well you know what technically xbox 360 costs more if you think about it.
.xbox live + 60 annually - Ps3 online is free
.for all of the extra gear you need it costs anothe 100-200 dollars- ps3 has them already
.more game=more money spent=bill gates gets rich and no one else
.finnaly-RED RING OF DEATH. enuff said.or is it...since this creates an increasing rate of 40% failure rate people are on their 12-18 xbox already and this makes some people convert to ps3-wii}ism. + since the memory card is connected to the 360 this is a BAD THING(that is worth about 200+ dollars in itself.
so umm add that up...and u get a sum of 700 + $60 a year which is quite a bit more than ps3's current $400 + $0 a year. think about that when u play next.

Black-Fox5 responds:

Whow, calm down. It's a flash. It's nothing more than an animation. No real consoles were harmed during the making of this animation.
I'm a Sony Fanboy if you ask me. I have PS3 and I like it. I'm doing this because,
1. There's a lot of 360 Fanboys on this sites, there goes my scores.
2. 360 loses at the end anyway.

There you go. Don't hate other consoles. They're just gaming consoles.
If I got the money, I'll buy a 360 too.

wii.... hmmmm

I think the wii's were the chinese soldiers, think about it they were the only ones with 2 swords (nunchucks).all the same could not stand up to the almighty 360's and there great game selection's