Reviews for "360 - Console Wars"


That was really funny!! You should've saw the new south park, Thats proboply where u got ur inparation. The cliking noises mde the sound horrid. But overall u did a awsome job! I bet the Wii is just sitting in the theater watching this and saying "WOOT!! LET GET IT ON!!!!"

Actually, my volume is broken so I give 0.

So I don't hear a thing, but it's a good parody of 300 and game console warfare.


While it was a good idea, the sound was fucking awful. What was with all the clicking? Completly ruined it.


are you saying that 300 Xbox 360's go up against a million PS3's? so the PS3's win in the end? That gay...i want the 360's to win :p anywayz awsum movie

Make PS3 the Spartans

Yeah, I believe that the PS3 should be the 300 Spartans because thats how many PS3s were manufactured =P