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Reviews for "[Zerest] Starlit Sky"


I'm inclined to agree with Mysterious Pig about the repetitiveness...

Aside from that i really think you're a skilled artist. You just need more imagination when it comes to expanding on the tune you've come up with.

If you wanna go from being good to being great you have to be able to expand on your ideas.

steven-mcl responds:

Yeah, that's a big fault for myself at the moment... I've never been that creative to begin with, so it kinda sucks... Means my music will take longer to make then it would a lot of others I guess... But oh well. I'll do what I can. :P

- Zerest

Needs some revision...

It has potential, but I seriously think it needs improvement.
Hear me out for a second.
1) The melody has potential, but there's way too many repetitions, and there's never really a climax either; It just comes and goes.
2) Only about half of the song even has bass, and it sounds pretty weak... Maybe if you just increased the volume on the bass+kick it would sound better.
3) At about the fifth or sixth repetition of the primary melody, the primary instrument you are using starts to sound stringy and unnatural. I would reccomend something softer, or maybe using several instruments for the same melody, or maybe just give that one instrument some larger pitch variation throughout the song.

Not trying to troll you (like ThePoobaman is) but I'm just sharing my thoughts.
I wouldn't bother if i didn't think it had potential, and I hope you find this review more useful than the ones that merely state a like or dislike of it without giving a real reason, nor even elaborating on their thoughts.

steven-mcl responds:

Yeah, I've still got a lot more to learn about music, I know that much. But thanks for the constructive criticism. Helps a lot for any songs I'm going to produce next. :) Thanks.

Edit: I'm starting to see what you mean by bass, but with this song, I was shooting for a more ambient sound to it. Ambient Trance is an interesting style that I decided to try and add influences into the song with. Why the bass is so low is it's not meant to be overpowering or aggressive, which a lot of basses tend to push through. I'm wanting this to feel relaxing and easygoing so hightening the basses volume would give it the vibe that I'm not quite wanting. Thanks for the review anyway.

- Zerest

A tad repetitive

While this isn't a bad song, the repetitiveness makes it worse than it could be. I voted it a 3.

steven-mcl responds:

Fair enough.

- Zerest


I could dance to this, but I would punch the DJ in the face...

steven-mcl responds:

.... K?

- Zerest