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Reviews for "[Zerest] Starlit Sky"

Just wow.

The intro, I'll be honest, rather annoyed me. I didn't like the sound of the main riff(Correct me If that's not what It's called in trance), It sounds rather tinny and squashed for me, but when It went Into the main, I completely forgave that, the sound of the riff(?) was utterly fantastic, especially with it being layered over the background part.

I also loved how you managed to keep it fresh throughout, like the call and response type sections, which allowed the excellent background piece to really shine through.

The ending actually worked really well to my ears, the removal of all but the two most critical elements was an old idea, but it simply worked fantastically here.

I'm suprised I liked this so much, considering that It is in affect, just one piece, but the different conditions you placed it under made it so exciting.

Amazing work

~Review request club~

steven-mcl responds:

Wow, thanks so much, I never knew it was THAT good. I'm glad you liked it, I just let my mind do the work and I came up with this. Thanks for the review. :D

I was specifically trying to keep it somewhat fresh even through its mostly the same melody throughout the entire song, but looks like it worked. Thank's a lot for your response, looks like I'm doing something right after all. :D

Sucks however that it gives off a tinny vibe at the start, I'll see if I can fix that for my next song. Cheers. :)

And just if you're wondering about the Riff terminology, It can be called that, but a lot seem to call it just a melody. :)

- Zerest


this songs is a little slow you should have made it faster but otherwise its great!!!

steven-mcl responds:

Eh, I wasn't really aiming for Hard Trance with it. Was shooting for more so calmer music, but yeah, I think it'd sound not too bad. Thanks for the review. :D

- Zerest

thumb up

good but...

steven-mcl responds:

Eh, needs improvement, I know. :T Oh well, my first completed song so I guess it isn't gonna be absolutely perfect.

- Zerest

Not bad

Right off the bat it sounded great in my opinion. I could tell just from the beginning melody, which was just great when you added the other synth it just blended really well and sounded amazing. For a first complete song this is amazing, nothing less. Overall the song was mildly unsatisfying as it really didn't seem to go as far as I thought it would. I was waiting for the climax and I guess it happened and I missed it, lol. I was just expecting more. The melodies you have though are great, the synths all sound great and the drums match the whole song very well.

The call and echo parts are fantastic that was a great idea. I think this song still has room for improvement, but it's a fantastic start! It just didn't seem to build enough for me, keep going with it! Add some more drums for a real full and complete sound! I want a 5 minute journey! What you have here is just too great sounding to let it go. Keep up the good work.

steven-mcl responds:

Thanks man, I played around with this song and studied different concepts by listening to different genres to get this sound.

Yeah, I know it's lacking, I was just trying to get something established and was quite proud of this so far and couldn't think of what else I could add to it. A lot of Electronica songs seem to have atleast 2 or 3 main melodies that it transists to and I could only come up with 1 so I just submitted it as is.

For my next song I'm going to try and get more diverse. I hope it turns out as good as this one did.

Thanks for your reply. :D Atleast I know whatever I'm doing, I'm doing it right. :P

PS: An extended mix is in the making. ;)

- Zerest

different in a positive way

Normaly I don't like techno, trance, etc. but this one is different. Sounds quite good even nice in my ears =)
keep it up.

steven-mcl responds:

Will do. :D

- Zerest