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Reviews for "[Zerest] Starlit Sky"


this songs is a little slow you should have made it faster but otherwise its great!!!

steven-mcl responds:

Eh, I wasn't really aiming for Hard Trance with it. Was shooting for more so calmer music, but yeah, I think it'd sound not too bad. Thanks for the review. :D

- Zerest


A teeny bit boring until 1:17. But after that WHOOAAAAAAAAA YESSS!!!!!

Awesome :D

steven-mcl responds:

Lol thanks. :D

- Zerest


NEWGROUNDS RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cant do transitions to well either.
But I dont care with this song! Its good (very good).
Deserves best of the week. 5/5 10/10.


steven-mcl responds:

Thanks a bunch man. :D Lol wasn't expecting it to be ranked best of week at all. :P

- Zerest


I'm inclined to agree with Mysterious Pig about the repetitiveness...

Aside from that i really think you're a skilled artist. You just need more imagination when it comes to expanding on the tune you've come up with.

If you wanna go from being good to being great you have to be able to expand on your ideas.

steven-mcl responds:

Yeah, that's a big fault for myself at the moment... I've never been that creative to begin with, so it kinda sucks... Means my music will take longer to make then it would a lot of others I guess... But oh well. I'll do what I can. :P

- Zerest