Reviews for "TL - Elements"


I didnt think you could get that out of 3xosc but dang lovin it man, like the chords too

TeHLoY responds:

Typical chord progression.. o.o
3x osc is seriously an underrated synth. One can do wonders with it, just that the types of sounds it can make are a bit limited. But that doesn't stop one from synthesizing great sounds from it.
Thanks for reviewing anyway. =)

This is awesome!!

Really getting addicted to this song, you pulled everything off just perfectly!
From the second of the intro i was sucked into this song and i DEFINITELY
have to download this one. Really amazed!

Fav'd Song

Keep it up!

TeHLoY responds:

Thanks, f777! Glad to hear you like my song!
You seriously made my day. (Though it's night time from where I am, so the day is ending anyway..)

Shuheng here~

Awesome, looks like you've made a name for yourself!

Zero bombers are either tone deaf, deaf or lack ears. :P

TeHLoY responds:

Uh... right...
Thanks for reviewing anyways.. o.o

So cool!

I like this track so much!!

It's so catchy and very easy to listen to it. Well done!!

Keep it up!!

TeHLoY responds:

Thanks a lot. Good that you like this song.

Flove this musical piece :D

Btw, I used it for an AVP to promote an event our student organization was well... organizing (haha)

Link's not up yet but I'm giving you the heads up.

TeHLoY responds:

I'm fine with it. Just as long as I'm credited somehow. ;)