Reviews for "TL - Elements"

This is awesome!!

Really getting addicted to this song, you pulled everything off just perfectly!
From the second of the intro i was sucked into this song and i DEFINITELY
have to download this one. Really amazed!

Fav'd Song

Keep it up!

TeHLoY responds:

Thanks, f777! Glad to hear you like my song!
You seriously made my day. (Though it's night time from where I am, so the day is ending anyway..)

Damn overwhelming

Great job, congratulations.The piano is really fucking epic.

TeHLoY responds:

Cheesy piano sound + massive reverb to hide the bad quality = awesome epic piano sound.


Light and Lifting

Hey that pad @ 1:10 breakdown really had a great note sequence, well done.

TeHLoY responds:

Glad you liked the breakdown. It's my favourite part too. =)

one of your best ones

youre right, this is one of your better songs
not only does this song have a nice beat and melody
it also feels really smooth and relaxing
very nice :D

TeHLoY responds:

Thanks! That was what I intended. But honestly, something that has a strong beat to it is relaxing? Now that's weird...

Great song!

I love the synths for the beginning till 1:10 good use of them. After 1:10 the pads and bassline line are great too. The highhat is a little too loud i think, its probably just a personal preference. The ending is nice too, the piano makes it pretty.

Good Job!

TeHLoY responds:

Thanks for reviewing.
The high hats are loud? Maybe I should lower the volume a bit.. Now that you mention it, I should. I'll reupload it when I have the time.