Reviews for "Hyrule Temple ROX"


Very well done You know im suprised most of these idiots can't tell that's not a guitar... But nice piece you kept me Entertained keep up the good work.

Joshy676 responds:

They know it's not a guitar. But it sounds close enough.

Thanks for your review.


I usually don't like this song, it bores me on SSBM, but you made it sound amazing. LOVED IT!!!

Joshy676 responds:

Cool. Did you hear the new one at the top of the page yet?

Thanks for reviewing my work.

P.S. Don't get boreded by it.


This is an awesome remake. I remember playing that part of the game. This way better than the original.

Joshy676 responds:

You're damn right it is! No need to rip on Koji Kondo or anything, and I know that Zelda II, an NES game, couldn't have more than 2 melody tracks for its music, and that SSMB was totally awesome, but the originals just lack the awesomeness that my remix has. Thanks for your review.


This was REALLY good....but then when you hear the version from Advent Children...well....

Joshy676 responds:

Advent Children..? I think you're reviewing the wrong one, dude. Thanks anyway.


another good remake- i liked the crescendos and decrescendos. sounds kind of like the one in super smash brothers for N64.

Joshy676 responds:

Thanks, but you DO realize that this theme wasn't in the N64 SSB, right?