Reviews for "Naruto: Fighting Dirty"


i didnt know that temari was a lesbo

MisterPiccolo responds:

Me either = )


first time in mature section on NG took me by surprize

MisterPiccolo responds:

Must not have been a bad surprize, you gave me a 10 = D

very good

wut program do u use adobe photoshop cuz it runs so smoothly

MisterPiccolo responds:

No, I did not use photoshop. All I used is macromedia flash 8 pro. I should get photoshop though, alot of the pros use it. I am just too lazy to get off my ass and learn a new application. It took me long enough to be half ass decent in flash.

Really good.

Work out the bugs in the text, and you will have an awesome video, I have to say! That's my only grievance. (Yes, I have a vocabulary.)
9 out of 10

Good but

You should let us know what the scroll says.

MisterPiccolo responds:

I can do that. It says " Love ". If you look at the scroll, the japanese character on it means love.