Reviews for "GoldenClock Space Speeder"


This game is the sweetest most insane game i have ever played online i was going i am now going to play this game for 5 hours strait.!!!!!!!!

Looks like someone was inspired by Jets'n'Guns ;)

Cool game.


I never knew avoiding asteroids could be so much fun. The stars and asteroids all turn to a blur when going 30 "light miles" a second. The music is as fast-paced as the game is, but the musician isn't credited anywhere.

I only have a couple criticisms, which are both fairly minor. It doesn't make much sense how the stars, which are lightyears away, move so much faster than the asteroids. Finally, I'd like to encourage you to make something a little more innovative. This game might be flashier than most other games like it, but that doesn't make it original. Add a new gameplay mechanic or some sort of innovation to make the game stand out more.

Overall, great work!

4/5, 8/10


Only thing I think is kinda bad is sometimes it generates what would be a "wall" of asteroids and theres no room to get between them if you got no bombs :'(

It was fun for a little while.

This game was cool, until you added all that extra stupid stuff in, like that cop or that guy that takes some of your money. The game isn't good enough for you to be able to put one of those 'annoying things from games' in. And you really need to make the extra bombs come way, way more often. I played for about 15 minutes and there was one 2 of them.