Reviews for "GoldenClock Space Speeder"

the most epic asteroid dodging game EVAR

i was excited when i saw little golden sitting in the spaceship on that thumb, but as i began playing the game, it only got better. at first i played slow, scared of the right arrow, but that's clearly not the way to go. as i hauled ass through space, i could feel the space bugs getting stuck in golden's dome. and the buckethead, oh, magnifique *kisses hand*

awesome game you two, i will have hours of fun trying to beat those damn racers and avoid those asteroids until golden reaches the END OF SPAAAACE!!


nice game, cool explosions

I Ranked 11th ^_^

One flaw, maybe, there was no way to pick up bomb pods, but that's possible due to my ignorance, so I won't give a lower score for that.

Original, smooth, simple, and fun. It was awesome! Make some more if you can!

Voted 5/5

very well put together

i didn't really have much expectation for this game but it was pretty good it was worth my time make some more thats all i can say....


I like this game.