Reviews for "GoldenClock Space Speeder"

liked the physics

it wasn't a ground breaking game, but i liked the space physics. the space pod would speed up faster and faster the more you accelerated. no top speed, good thinking.


The Song Was Not Queen It was BucketHead's song Jordan

HAVIN' A GOOD TIEM - the game!

Being a Clock at heart, seeing GoldenClock in his own game was the least of my thoughts. This was a pretty good game, only problem is the soundtrack, if you put in Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" as the bg music, I bet all the major Clocks of today will go nuts (since we had a sig meme with Clocks flying around in space with that song playing).


the most epic asteroid dodging game EVAR

i was excited when i saw little golden sitting in the spaceship on that thumb, but as i began playing the game, it only got better. at first i played slow, scared of the right arrow, but that's clearly not the way to go. as i hauled ass through space, i could feel the space bugs getting stuck in golden's dome. and the buckethead, oh, magnifique *kisses hand*

awesome game you two, i will have hours of fun trying to beat those damn racers and avoid those asteroids until golden reaches the END OF SPAAAACE!!

Great game

I lvoe the whole image that you lett out.... the thing i liked the most lol would have to be the music... it was rockish and it really blended well with your whole theme. It must of tooken you a while to make such a great piece of work.. I enjoyed playing i- - - the only thing i dident like was how the bomb things would like destroy everything and make such a huge interruption of like a white screen but other then that it was really good.