Reviews for "GoldenClock Space Speeder"


Only thing I think is kinda bad is sometimes it generates what would be a "wall" of asteroids and theres no room to get between them if you got no bombs :'(

warp speed mr lu

OH MY GOD!!!!this is a sweet game the handling is perfect the prices stay reasonable and you earn a lot of cash in a single level.1 thing that would be helpful would be a map or something that showed where the other rcer is.but still a sweet game!clock crew rulz!!!


Oh godd, that was GREAT

Greatest game i have played in a while

This game is the best I've played in a while and it have really awsome music and is very addictive and entertaining.
You really should get front page.
Great work clockfriends!

Great job man (I mean...clock, damnit)

Addicting game man, you should get frontpage.