Reviews for "GoldenClock Space Speeder"


that was fun loved the music

very well put together

i didn't really have much expectation for this game but it was pretty good it was worth my time make some more thats all i can say....

great game

great game, very addictive. there should be more bombs available though. i have gone up to lvl 15 getting no bombs at all.


Man, I seriously loved this game. One question - are you only allowed to submit the same name for High Scores once or something? If so, that may be worth mentining. I tried to upload my 10,000 score under Plasma Devil after my OTHER high score, and it won't accept it for some reason.

Its a greate Game i was 10 in highscore

I am 10 in highscore and im damn proud of it i shood hawe been adlest 4 but the cops got me ;/ anywayz one of my faworite games so ama giv ya 5 !