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Reviews for "Vlad the Impaler"

One thing....da fuck?

10 stars because that is so random! I love it when the guy is impaled, plus how the voice sounds like an old instructional video on how to impale someone. Lol. Like a 1950's how to vid or something? I don't know, whatever, 10 stars for you! :D

ha ha ha

Atta boy Vlad. simple and elegant. very funny.

deep breath...

Vlad the Impaler was actually the name of the man who was the base for the original Dracula vampire... or, he was, actually, count dracula... i cant remember at the moment... but Vlad the Impaler, was named Vlad Dracula, or something along those lines... ANYWAYS! nice movie. i loved it. it was cute AND twisted at the same ti9me... not to mention te name was just too much, eh?

cool one

a little bit short and the graphics could've used a small bit of a touch-up overall, but the actual impaling in this one was highly entertaining. the Vlad guy sure had a sick and twisted mind, but that made this one highly entertaining and was definitely worth watching.


The graphics were basic but in a good way. The entire thing seemed kinda lame until the actual impaling the was frikin hilarious!