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Reviews for "300"

Great humor

You don't have the insane random crap(which I enjoy)
and yet I find your subtle craziness quite satisfying.(=


lol the guys face looks scary in a way but its scary funny i really like the song

Great Job

It was hysterical. I liked how the voices overlapped, but you still kept the lipsyncing. Also the animations, simple yet amazing. The dialogue is hysterical. I heard random curses out of nowhere. It made me laugh. Overall, it was great. Keep up the good work.

I five'd it.
And also, this movie reflects the same thing that happened to me before I watched 300 :)

LazyMuffin responds:

I feel like I made something better than what I actually made thanks to this comment.


a big dumb action movie?!!? A BIG DUMB ACTIONMOVIE

!?!?!!?!?! who DOESNT like a BIG DUMB ACTION MOVIE!! lol < movie


Great video and song. I kept watching this over and over it was so funny. The audio is not the greatest and is something that could have been payed more attention to but overall this is a great and funny flash.