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Reviews for "300"


I hate your mic, btw 300 is the best one ever


I must say that was pretty funny in a weird way. Repetitive and i'm sure you know that it was just a piece of crap you pulled together on the hype over an overblown sausage train of a movie. I gotta say though, 300, was awesome.

Not really funny.

the last reviewer definetly was exaggerating when he said it was fuckin hilarious. it wasnt funny could have been alot better. more mouth movement, and better sound quality.

It's a shitty movie, by the way

Hm. Please, get a better microphone, or try being not so motherfuckingly loud. I hate your guitar. The concept is too personal to be really funny. Nice drawing style tho.

LazyMuffin responds:

My mic is actually ok, I just ate it while recording.
Its part of the fun.

Well i have seen worse, much worse

Clean up the audio, maybe add some background to when hes playing the guitar, little things like that and ithink it would be quite good. I laughed so you must have done something right. Just clean it up a bit