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Reviews for "300"

how'd you get that title?

I thought that would have been taken. Your score is 302 and the time is 258... average those out.

It needs polish.

All you need is to fix up the audio scratch !

9/10 and 4/5 for humor, great stuff mate !

About the first song...

You know what you should do? Make that "weird/great" song into a big one, and then GIMME IT!

It'd be like... The most awesome thing you have ever done to me. I watched the movie until the end of the first song like 20 times.


Oh man you were one more scene away from a grand slam here, you had it so well directed, you started off in the present day then you went back to a week before started the song and then gradually got closer to the present day, but you didn't take us back for a last scene in the present day i reckon that would have sealed this off nicely. I liked the character designs and the song was just terrific. I would love to see you do something like this for every big movie that comes out, just classic.


what a git

that boy was a gay.
it was a very good movie because 300 is the best film i have ever seen
the sound quality was poor because it was crackling and it was also very very short so improve the time on some good movies