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Reviews for "300"

300 is awesome... this flash is awesome

300 is awesome!!! most hilariousest movie ive seen in forever. The sound quality sucked near the end, but that might have been my computer. I'd give you a 17 for humor if i could. Not an 18, but a 17.

a big dumb action movie?!!? A BIG DUMB ACTIONMOVIE

!?!?!!?!?! who DOESNT like a BIG DUMB ACTION MOVIE!! lol < movie

Ha nice.

Funny. Cool song. So did you see 300 then? I heard it wasnt very good. My brother said it was just a big dumb action movie.

noice job

haha it was pretty damn funny. i was the same way before and after i saw the movie.


Why'd you stop it so suddenly? That was hilarious! I lol'd.

P.S. That's about how I felt the week before 300 came out!

P.P.S. Great weird weird great great weird weird weird weird!