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Reviews for "300"


I just don't get it....although I'd agree it was a great movie though.


I hate your mic, btw 300 is the best one ever

h h h

300 is my best friend i love you till the end man i love you a lot!!!

The Word great feels weird now

I liked it even though it would seem the person before me did not.

the song was excellent, it was a great idea for a movie, I wouldn't say I'm that excited about 300 but yeah the point was put across very well, i liked the bit about the word great feeling weird now was ingenius especially when you sang it along to the beat.

over all it was GREAT, unlike thie review :P

One Big Problem

My only real problem with this short is, well, the microphone. The crackling really, REALLY took away from the quality of the video in general. I'd say if that was fixed, I'd give it an easy 9/10. ^^;