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Reviews for "300"

loved those facial expressions!

Everything about this movie was good. Except sound quality! Either you recorded with a dodgy mic or my speakers are heading for the trash, cos it was crackily as all hell! Otherwise, keep it up.

LazyMuffin responds:

Its a good mic, I just ate it.

lol I was the same way.

Haha, I couldn't wait to see that movie...but hey, it was worth it for me.


Oh, that...that was like candy for my eyes. 3 year old halloween candy, that is. (I'd probably still eat 3 year old candy.) That was great. Your style's like...awesome. This animation has inspired me to: 1) Run around in french mustard or 2) Probably animate a bit more. Probably the latter. So uh..yeah! You're kickass. Keep up the kickass...-ness.


that would be my boyfriend lol no but really i love this its whay most boys where doing waiting for that movie to come out

Not bad

It was worth a giggle or two. I haven't had time to see 300 yet, so I will have that stuck in my head until I do. ya bastahd.

LazyMuffin responds:

Have'nt seen it yet neither.