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Reviews for "300"

I'd like to see an ending

I liked what I saw, but I didn't like what I didn't see, if you know what I mean. And by what I didn't see, I mean the end of your flash. As it is, your flash builds up great momentum as it progresses, but it's building momentum to throw itself off of a cliff, which hurts... alot. Right now, there's not even a cliff-hanger, there's just a flash, falling off of a cliff... not very entertaining.

It's good, man, now finish it.

LazyMuffin responds:

Your sentence makes me sad.
If you dont like something you dont see, its good.

Its definetly an anti-claimectic animation.

lmao nice dude nice

dont listen to that person b4 me this flash is jks its like me i was waiting so long for 300 to come out lol nice flash dude or dudet

what was the point of that?

being that it was on the front page, i was hoping it would be better. the audio towards the end went from kind of funny to very irritating. you really should have done something more with this one.

About the first song...

You know what you should do? Make that "weird/great" song into a big one, and then GIMME IT!

It'd be like... The most awesome thing you have ever done to me. I watched the movie until the end of the first song like 20 times.


That was so dumb it was hilarious. it was pretty good