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Reviews for "300"

- )

It really is shitty but DAMN, the first time I saw it, I laughed so hard I had to x it out, less I laugh so hard I throw up.


I personally thought this was terrible and not worthy of front page.
I mean it had the suer potentinal..but about half way through the first few days..it got repedative and the sound quality was really shotty work.
It was almost good..but too me you lost it.
But still... Better then I could ever do. So good on you for that buddy.


Your lord and master, Cj

Animation of the Year!

Brilliant! The subtle complexities in the plot, along with strong conflict within the main character, make this submission a shoo-in for some sort of prestigious award. Also, I like the songs. Good show LazyMuffin!

Watch peak meters

Be careful when using a microphone to make sure and get good levels before recording. Yell or strum loud just to check for clipping in parts where inspiration to rock out may come over you. Compression can be used to correct for quietness if there is too much discrepancy between loud/soft(ness) Chord changes nicely animated.

LazyMuffin responds:

Godbless you.

What is this?

Sorry, but I did not get the point that this author is trying to get across. o_O

LazyMuffin responds:

I was trying to pass a point about the war in Iraq.
The first part is the future, the people who are glad the war is over and people that are glad but are not happy with the results.
The second part is just a little bunch of soldiers going in Iraq, everything is ok then.
The second part is the guy getting quite upset because his son is being drafted.
The third part is him going insane.

You get it now? good.