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Reviews for "300"


Sorry dude it was kinda pointless and boring... I'm shocked that it made the front page because it really was bad =(

300 is win but

this flash is epic fail.

me no likey, tis not funneh

Oh GOD!!!!!

That was soooooooo fuckin funny!!!!!! seriously dude that was great with the crack up voice and shitty recording, lolz i thought it rocked. Keep doin wat ya doin.

That was 3 minutes of pain...

Well, to begin...the concept was potentially great however through your horrible sound recording, and monotonous character, you have killed any chances you had of making this a great flash. Nevertheless it was quite funny to see an example of movie fanatics. I personally enjoyed 300 but not to the point of having whined to see it beforehand...

Well this movie gets a 5/10 since it is after a half-*** job...
Sorry, but its the way it is..

...just keep your head up, improve your style and you'll kick ass in the near future..

Strangely funny

This was a nice little mix of raw, silly humor and strange style that for some reason left a bad taste in my mouth. Well done.