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Reviews for "300"


thats how i felt still im not that gay and did you know the movie 300 is based on a true story

what a git

that boy was a gay.
it was a very good movie because 300 is the best film i have ever seen
the sound quality was poor because it was crackling and it was also very very short so improve the time on some good movies


Rofl classic

Can't stop playing.

What a fantastic movie, the song is so funny and you can't help but laugh. Even the drawings are funny too. Y'know, it's just so funny that some NGers just get so pissed off and have to leave a bad review for this movie to make them feel more "badass", but they're wrong. This is so funny that the graphics and sound quality don't even matter. You just have to watch it and check it out for yourself.

lol i was like that when i wanted to see 300

lol it was hilarious when it was singin 'i gonna see 300 in a week its gonna be great'