Reviews for "Strawberry Dragon"

Creative take on dragons, I like this one. The only thing that is distracting me is the position of the eyes, they seem abit off.

other then that, really great. I like the leaf-horns

How original!
I never tought of seeing "fruit-dragons"
From where do you get this ideas?
Show me master!xD
Great work!

frozen-scumbag responds:

Well, I follow an amazing artist who made a series of jello dragons. It inspired me to make a series of fruit dragons! Though, just recently some one told me there's a mobile game that actually already HAS a strawberry dragon. Just goes to show nothing is original anymore XD

Either those are huge strawberries or that's a tiny dragon.

frozen-scumbag responds:

It's a tiny dragon... I hope XD

This is the nicest illustration I've ever seen

frozen-scumbag responds:

Wow, I'm flattered. Thank you so much!

Looks fantastic good work and he is sooooooooooo cute! ;-;