Reviews for "Strawberry Dragon"

WOW! what an amazing picture!
this is a perfect drawing, and it has a fruit-based dragon, something that i've never witnessed on the net before... (so far).

its not only an original idea, but also an idea that is executed prefectly....
nice, and beautiful dragon, great details, excellent shading/lighting effects, good anatomy, VERY GOOD texture, and really really nice drawing overall, with huge ammount of detail...

last but not least... i have to ask you: today/yesterday, was clockday.
strawberry clock was celebrating.
is your strawberry-themed dragon a coincidence, or is it a clever, unique tribute to clockday/strawberry-clock?

either way, its awesome!
you rock! do more art, you have huge skills! :)

frozen-scumbag responds:

Thank you! Nope, it just seems to have been a coincidence. I too thought this was an original idea, but just recently some one told me that there's a pokemon type game with a strawberry dragon in it. Doh!

Either those are huge strawberries or that's a tiny dragon.

frozen-scumbag responds:

It's a tiny dragon... I hope XD

How original!
I never tought of seeing "fruit-dragons"
From where do you get this ideas?
Show me master!xD
Great work!

frozen-scumbag responds:

Well, I follow an amazing artist who made a series of jello dragons. It inspired me to make a series of fruit dragons! Though, just recently some one told me there's a mobile game that actually already HAS a strawberry dragon. Just goes to show nothing is original anymore XD

i love it. the coloring is amazing bro

Creative take on dragons, I like this one. The only thing that is distracting me is the position of the eyes, they seem abit off.

other then that, really great. I like the leaf-horns