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Reviews for "[KK] NG Commerical"

Now this is something else...

Very creative, and theres no KK intro like normal. Very satisfactory.


nice parody of that commercial on tv that i probably shouldnt mention, it was a pretty good flash, regardless if it came from the kk or not.


Good Idea, just ditch the kitty krew, kitty krew sux, but i didnt mind this...



well, it looks like u guys r getting better, if u continue like this maybe u'll get better reputation in NG, maybe...well i think ill vote 5

You know what?

This was actually quite clever, funny and well done. I have to say, usually the KK yields utter crap to the portal but, this actually was a bit of a sarcastic and clever take on the reaction to the KK's "other work". Or atl east that's how I saw it. Nice parody/satire. I liked it, I'll vote 5!