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Reviews for "[KK] NG Commerical"

Thank God.....

Thank god I didn't have to see anouther penis in this kk flash. Anyway this was a decent submission. nice job


That was a good KK flash. 5 for you.

A Nice Chuckle

I'm going to be quite honest, the movies you people at the KK make always give me a chuckle every time I watch one. You guys are simply hilarious.

I actually did enjoy this movie a bit. I've been waiting for someone to parody that commercial. Cheers for being the first [that I have seen].

Well done. Enjoy the 5.

I thank you

Thank you for taking people's criticism and actually putted some effort into a flash. On to a detailed review.

Graphics: The cat still looks kinda crappy (If that's the point, than I'm sorry) but everything else was okay.

Style: I haven't seen to many flashes making fun of the Geico commercial, but the art style seemed a lot like your earlier works.

Sound: The music was okay...

Interactivity: No points for play button.

Humor: I got some chuckles out of the crashed plane and when the cat got angry.

Not bad, keep working on your skills. Thanks again for putting in some more effort.

KGB-Kitty responds:

=D thanks for the great review.

And just to let you know about style & graphics, I'm working on it! oO I've never been much of an artist, I'm better at the actual animating. But like I said, I'm working on it, my next projects aren't going to use the .gif and .jpeg backgrounds. keep an eye out for it XD

About time the KK stopped making shit!

Well this was funny and nice, I've always known the KK for making gay shit but it was about time they made something good! Good job!