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Reviews for "[KK] NG Commerical"

Excellent, KK! Your best flash ever!

Excellent work! You have finally known how to make a great flash. You've made a funny parody of the geico commercial. How creative!

Everything in this flash is decent, except for a few things:

Try making more animation, besides the tweens.

Try adding more length.

Excellent work! Underdog AND 50K views?!?! Awesome.

There we go!

See? A little hard workand thinking outside of the box can get you places. Lovin' the soundtrack. Very creative Geico parody. Nice work kk!


thats so sad that the only good thing u release is a joke on u. ;P

This wasn't half bad...

This was actually kinda cute/funny, decent animation and a funny plot XD
Hope to see some new and better vids from you soon :)


The first KK flash I have EVER seen that wasn't complete and utter spam, and was actually funny. Please get all your kitty counterparts to make flash like this. Help make NG a better place, don't make spam.