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Reviews for "[KK] NG Commerical"

Stepping Up

Well the Kitty Krew is actually going up the ladder. Very nice and very funny I must say. There must be more you can do with Newgrounds and Commercials. Maybe more GEICO stuff?

|| Good Points ||
*Potential for Series
*Good for the Kitty Krew

|| Bad Points ||
(none) believe it or not

KGB-Kitty responds:


Pretty funny

Good job on this! I'm surprised that this received a low score in voting. In a way, this is better than GEICO's version of the commercial.


i dont kno whay this is so funny...thatnks t-fulp and thank you for posting this...you dirty cheater message me i wanna talk to you..


I wonder what pico would say about tom lending you this lol.

KGB-Kitty responds:

'Im gay'

KK, You have earned my respect.

I am happy for you. You have finally went and made a flash worty of being seen. You have finally made a flash that I didn't vote 0 on. I acually voted five on this, something I didn't think I'd ever do to a KK flash. KK, you might start going places, just keep making flashes of even better quality and, dare I say it, you might just make a flash as popular as the Numa Numa Dance. (as popular as it was in 2004 at least. Fyi, that's when it was the most popular.)

Keep this up and I'll take back every bad thing I said about the KK before.