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Reviews for "[KK] NG Commerical"

Finally some potintial

Actually the only part of this I found funny was the very first poster (the one with the blown up plane) but this animation shows that with some work the Kitty Krew might be able to do some good animations.


at least it wasn't as bad as the other kk submissions, so whoever of the KK made this I congratulate you. However, it was still kind of lacking in animation and such, plus it was pretty much a rip off of... Oh, what is it... Well, whatever, some other real commercial. Maybe it was Dell... But anyways, at least this is better. Nice on getting underdog!


good flash but didnt make much sense
and why is it rated mature? and why is so many people co-authored

KGB-Kitty responds:

why are you askin so many questions >=o

Best Kitty Krew submission I've ever seen

That's not saying much, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I laughed a little bit the first time I watched this flash. This parody of the Geico commercial was simple, yet well-executed. If the Kitty Krew produced more submissions like this instead of an endless onslaught of utter shit, they wouldn't be despised by nearly everyone outside their group. I believe the widespread hatred toward the Kitty Krew is illustrated quite well by the near universal praise and gratitude toward the author of "EndangeredSpecies->the KK." If you guys wanted to, with a bit of effort the Kitty Krew could even become a respected flash group.


Kittie Crews best work

lol this was one of the best commercial parody/ad ive ever seen on NG ( if there are anymore ) my Gears Of War disk broke earlier and i watched this and i feel refreshed and happy even though my 360 is useless without gears T_T