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Reviews for "[KK] NG Commerical"


that was so simple it was awesome-tastic. good job.


KK, this steady uphill movement has been wonderful, it seems like each time I see one of your flashes it's better than the last and recently I haven't been seeing a load of crap from you guys. I loved this one, it's freaking hilarious, great idea and funny flash. I voted 5 to up the average from all those losers who just hate you and vote 0 on everything labeled with your name....I used to be one of those losers. Anyway, this flash was not bad at all. Keep it up.


what a pleasent suprise, I glad it's not just flashing lights. pretty funny keep it up.

good work

good job keep it up buddy

I Hate Kitty Krew's stuff.......

......but that was just too funny. Normally I blam you every chance I get, but on this day, I'm gonna give you a 5!