Reviews for "IndestructoTank!"


I thought this was a very fun game. But I got the high score of height but didn't show up on the high scores... I compared it and everything...

The-EXP responds:

sorry about that. its fixed now, give it a minute to update and clear your internet history. thanks, mate!


Very nice! The grass graphics got you a 10. It was very original , earning a 10 in style. SOrry, i played with sound down, i didnt get to hear it. Violence was ...okay. The shop got a 10 in interactivity. Nice kinds of bombs and miner trucks. No humor. Overall 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dude, this game is the best thing I've played in a while. The concept is simple, yet exciting. 10/10!!


i'm not usually one to like these type of games.
but, i have to say.
you made my play time worth while.
i like how you can add up how many enemy tanks you want with your experience points.
job well done.

Helicopter go BOOM

At first, the game starts out pretty slow, but by the time you get a few vehicles out there, IT GETS IN-FREAKING-SANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the craziest games I've every played. Make more dude!