Reviews for "IndestructoTank!"

Hey! It's not undestroyable!

It exploded when I got out of fuel! >:(


Very funny addictive game, too bad I got no internet on my Wii! :(

Perfect game!

It's not like me to give straight 10s. I can not find anything wrong with this game, and it's fun as hell. 5/5 and it goes on mt favorites list. :)


A very original concept that is put together with fantastic graphics, power-ups, etc.

A few suggestions if you are making a second version:

1) Allow us to play the game before reading the instructions. It is an easy game to figure out anyway, and it is annoying to go through if we've already read the instructions before.
2) Make difficulty levels. The game was pretty easy to go through without any trouble, so an easy/medium/hard system would be nice.
3) Different game modes. This addicting game style doesn't really need all of the power-ups-I'd like a game mode where we can just start at the part where the planes are at maximum frequency.
4) Multiplayer mode. This'd be awesome if you could ever do it- it'd be a great upgrade from version 1 to version 2- on the same computer OR online is fine.

What you have so far is great, and should be built upon. Definately one of the best games on Newgrounds, and if you can work on it some more, who knows what the result will be?

Review score: 9.5/10
NG vote out of 5: 5/5


MY COMBO WAS 29!!!!!!!!!

freakin awesome