Reviews for "IndestructoTank!"

Excellent game

Is it possible to make sandbox version where there are no fuel needs so we can just screw around?

great fun!

This game rules. It's original, challenging, and above all fun! It's different from any other game I've played. Keep up the good work!


This game was so addictive matter of fact i still play it.I cant help it but the only problem is once i upgradded too much i couldnt touch the ground to gain my points and my gas had ran out :( 9/10
It sooooooooo adictive.OMFG i gotta play more now

A nice one

I can describe indestructotank in 3 simple words........

FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!!!!!

Yes sir, this game is the best game I have played all day, maybe all month! Humor: Tank blowing shit up, even sounds funny. Graphics kick so much ass!! Style is completely original. Violence is excellent, in that you are a rocket propelled tank, basically, hitting random helicopters and shit. Interactivity is great!!! Overall this is an ass kicking, shit killing, funny as hell, game

Awsome game

its really cool, and fun to play. make more like it. ^.^