Reviews for "IndestructoTank!"

Almost nothing wrong with it.

StoneSyche is a fuck.

I logged in because this game deserves a....

See i had max upgrade on everything...Exept miners...When i was about to get the level up...I exploded >:(
Really,you can do better than this.
Please PM me why this game is so horrible.
This is 100% of EXCATLY what i think so don't boter with the 'delete comment' junk.

good but one massive problem....

Excellent game but its really anoying that u just explode and its game over when you run out of fuel, cuz i was in air for the whole round but started to run out of fuel but couldent get down cuz i kept hitting stuff.... if your in a combo when you run out of fuel, it sould either, Cut your combo and add it to EXP, or you let you keep going till you hit the ground. and then from their if you dont have enough EXp game over

Needs save

Save would be very useful (so you can see how far and not have to unlock play every time). Put that in V4.

Good game

Now i must get this on my nintendo wii