Reviews for "IndestructoTank!"


This has got to be one of the most fun things I have ever played! I will keep going until I can beat my high score (56 combo, 202 ft).


This i a very addictive game that i played for ages
the one improvement that you could make is that you could make an attachable gun so while your spinning you can shoot

the best game ever..

i have a only a few things to say really...
- i love the game, very addictive and fun
- probably the funnest/best flash game ive ever played
- make some more 'indestructotank' games and maybe even better ones... try to enhance the graphics i guess, and more special effects maybe...
i love it so much 10/10

fun o_o

well yea its fun i got everything upgraded and stuff just wished the leaderboards wasnt hacked it was cuz it was real fun =)


I have two complaints about this game.

One. I want the game to increase a little faster. Maybe a checkpoint option or something. Dying and starting over simply isn't as much fun as trying to rack up big combos. I'm okay with it being slow at first; but I only want to do that once. After that, I want more and faster.

Two. There's absolutely no reason that running out of fuel should blow you up in mid air. I like making big combos. That's what this game's about. But, if I have to land instead of making it a huge combo, that really curbs my stunting and my fun. And it's not fun to blow up in mid-air because you're succeeding at what the game wants you to do.

Minor complaints: music options would be nice. The graphics are really simple, but they fit the style of the game. Sometimes, even with a lot of upgrades, I would be sitting there, burning fuel waiting for an enemy to come by for a hundred points of fuel sometimes.

A level template would be nice. Maybe have an arctic theme and an urban theme. Very simple to add. It'd add a bit of cosmetic flavor.

The game itself is a lot of fun, but those two main complaints above have made me play it two times, and unless they're fixed, I don't see myself playing the game again. They don't make the game *bad*, they just limit the addiction factor.

B- (3.5/5)