Reviews for "IndestructoTank!"


Lately, this had come to be one of my favorite games. It was unique, original, and inventive.
However, after not playing it for several weeks, I came back to play this pinnacle of online games. Iplayed happily for about thirty seconds when, in-explicably, a little message popped up and told me that it was paused due to in-activity. I thought that maybe I hadn't been adjusting anything for a while, and put it out of my mind.

This message has persisted to pop-up every thirty seconds to a minute. I have no idea the cause of it. However it has completely ruined the game play, and soiled the game in my mind. Yet another account of tinkering too much with something good.

Good, but could have been better.

This was an ok game. Good for killing a bit of time on break. It lost it's flare very quickly and thus I stopped playing. Good try though.


Combo 3 is a hump. LOL.

Really good game

Different than any other game and it is really fun to play, it is really hard to get a good combo.

really awsome

man thats one of the best flash games ever its really awsome(yeah i know it is misspelled) but how can i play with the Wii?