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Reviews for "AN Escape Series #2.5"


Lol Nice Game

It took me


it took me

2:29 AGAIN! damn i think its just me

Not a waste :)

Nice "illustration" on the wall, the part I had a hard time with is that i kept trying to combiene the items with the little icon of the crossbow, instead of the thing itself... 7 Minutes, and I played through each of the games and enjoyed them. Keep it up

despite everyone elses opinion

this game was very fun....

i wouldnt recommend it to people who take things TOO seriously, like you guys....

it was random
it was funny
it was great

this is a great game for people who love randomness*like me*
or maybe for people who are just bored!

either way

i loved this game
and you did a very greatt job making it

i admit it, it was hard

took me a half n hour to figure things out