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Reviews for "TiGeR - Susurration"



TiGeR responds:

They're bad for your health :(



That was great, it nice and dark, with a great beat, nice synth my favourite type of music at the moment :)

TiGeR responds:

Haha, glad I filled your needs! Thanks for reviewing and stay tuned for more stuff in the future! ;)


Sound great !

It sound like old video-games... well, it sound very good ! (At the 28th second, the synthetic sound reminds me Metroid Prime, am I on the wrong way ? ^^)

TiGeR responds:

Glad you enjoyed the song! Well, a lot of people claim the song does sound very game-ish so you're definetly not wrong there ;p.

Thanks for the review!



Sounds amazing!
It's like videogame-drum N bass?
I love the melodies and stuff.
The bass blew me away!
It's a hoover? right?
I gotta say, that's great work man!

TiGeR responds:

Thanks, videogamish DnB is my style! Lol, you can't compare me with PX9, he's in a whole different league. Thanks anyway!

Actually it's a reese that I made with the Thor device (good god, I love that synth omgggggg) ;)

Thanks for the review and I*m really glad you enjoyed the song!



They're often overlooked when it comes to NewGrounds yet they can be brilliantly placed if they're given the right amount of attention.

Unfortunately, I feel that you've given them too much attention and the beat that you've chosen to use is very glitchy. Now admittedly this worked very well at 0:51 but once the drop happened it felt very out of place, with the drum syncopation at the end of every 4 bars. It's a good idea but I think this track would sound better and more full if you'd stuck to the general drum & bass drum line.

Apart from that, this is an excellent track! Loving the gritty feel you've given it and very much like the 8-bit synths you've used through-out. I have to say that I do agree with you on that synth sounding as though it's whispering.

I've never listened to any of yoru stuff before so I'm not sure how dark this is but I'll give them an ear after this!

Have fun;

TiGeR responds:

Thanks for a brilliant review.

As you hear at the end of every 2nd bar I've done a very marking syncopation. Not only the drums but the bass aswell. The drum beat is the essence of what DnB is so I thought I'd add something new to it, thus adding the very marking syncopes at every (actually it's not every but still...) 2-bar-end. To make the song more of my own if you know what I mean. Personally I think it adds a very "jumpy" feeling to the song and personally I find it very ear-soothing in a sense. You know, a very catchy feel to the beat. Glitchy? Please explain further :)

Could aswell mention I add fills here and there to add some general variety. Anyway, I definetly see what you mean about the general drum beat, but personally I thought it would've sound really well like they are now when I first submitted the song. I'll take your criticism in consideration for my upcoming songs.

And dude, you being this constructive at (what personally is) my best song, you're gonna flame my other three songs to death xD. You should avoid Altocumulus if you're not into "glitchy" drums ;)

Anyway, thanks again for this review. I think it's the best I got for this song so a big + to you :p. I'm glad you enjoyed the song and I hope the drums don't ruin your "Susurration-experience" :)


PS: Could aswell point out that this song is by far my darkest ;p