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Reviews for "TiGeR - Susurration"

Loved it until...

I was really really digging this song until 1:44, I don't think the midi/nintoish/atari kind of lead is the right one for this.
Since the song sounds very proffesional that bit kind of throws it off for me.

I really liked the part at 2:23 where it kind of goes all sane with you and doesn't try to blow your mind.. Well only till 3:07 wich is coming in with a big freak'n bang LOVE IT!

But then again at 3:51 you bring back the lead but a bit distorted, it sounds better but still not satisfying to me atleast.
Don't get me wrong i love these kind of sounds and leads but i just don't think they really fit with the rest of the song.

Well i do want to see you keep doing your stuff 'cause you're definitely one of the best around Newgrounds!

And also please checkout my songs and maybe review them i can really use the feedback on mastering my songs!

TiGeR responds:

Brilliant review! Glad you liked the song and thanks for the C&Cs :)!

Well, adding a game-ish touch to my dnb songs is one of my characteristics I guess (since I always do that, actually it's a quite sub-concious action by me xD). But I see what you mean.

Anyway, I'll definetly check out your songs later and try to give some advice. To tell you the truth I'm not very good at mastering myself, as I'm still learning about it. You should ask someone better in my honest opinion. xKore, mr-jazzman, Bjra etc etc, these guys really know what they're talking about! ;)

Thanks for the review though!


Well, that's a 10.

Deep stuff mate. Really digging this and that's coming from someone losing hope in drum & bass given how saturated the genre's getting. With your permission I'd like to try putting some vocals to this on my day off on Thursday, experimenting with a lot of stuff right now and if I could make my voice work on this I think I could have this played at quite a few events I'm arranging.

Get back to me man, one of my tracks is waiting to be approved, shall be on my page soon.

TiGeR responds:

Glad you appreciate the song!

That's a cool idea :). Well, I guess I'm alright with it as long as you give proper credit for the music. But first of all I'd like some more information about the whole remixing-thingy. So if you could PM me we could start discussing this further :)




i love it!
it sounds like its from a videogame...

TiGeR responds:

Glad you like it!



Sounds like it should be in a megaman movie. lol
I love it, please make more, :D.

TiGeR responds:

Haha, that would indeed be awesome! And well, I'll make more stuff once I got more time. I'm gonna have busy times with composing music for a school project so I won't be submitting anything in a while :(

Thanks for the review and glad you liked the song!


holy shit!!!

you are......brilliant to start of with it tought ok nice tune and then it goes a pendulem nut case on me and i was like holy fuckin shit this is briliant pendulem would be hard to expoled well my friend in short nice........omg it goes even more ape shit crazy holy crap man hyow the hell did you 1 make this 2 make it even better

10? no more like proper artist level

very disjionted reviw sorry

TiGeR responds:

VERY disjointed indeed LOL xD! Glad you like the song though, haha xD