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Reviews for "TiGeR - Susurration"


Pretty good song, gotta love that drum at 00:50 for some i liked it, Btw what program did u use to make this? Sounds kinda arcade at some parts. The beginning is wicked, smooth and scary, thou u could have made it last a little longer, since most creepy songs have long scary intros, seems like you'r an exception.
I'm gonna stop wasting your time now, keep it up.
Ill kill u if u don't pm about your new songs ;P

TiGeR responds:

Thanks for the kind review!

Hah, well. The intro was originally twice as long but I decided to remove half of it. The song was above 5 minutes and I just felt like it was too long xD. And well, it's not actually supposed to be that creepy... or so I didn't expect it to be. Just named it like this due to the whisper-like synth I added but meh. Everyone's gotta have an opinion ;)

OMFG, only 96/100? >_< damnit I fail so badly :<.. nah jk xD

I'll promise to pm you about future songs, don't worry about it! Thanks again, and glad you enjoyed the song!


Edit: I used Reason 4 for this song.

dont try listening to this outside...

on acid, this makes trees sound like they're screaming.

TiGeR responds:

Haha! I should put a warning in the description!

Thanks for reviewing xD


Something about this song

Just grabs hold. Everything about this is sick as fuck. Keep up the amazing work man.

TiGeR responds:

Haha thanks for taking your time to review! Glad you liked it ;D



awezome man soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo godly.This should be great for the madness day theme song next year

TiGeR responds:

LOL, I'm really glad you enjoyed it ^^!

Haha, maybe you're right. Damn, should've uploaded it next year instead xD

Anyway, thanks for reviewing!



Every section flows together very smoothly... especially that first transition. Keep up the good work! =)

TiGeR responds:

I worked a lot with the transitions to give the song a natural flow, so I'm glad you enjoy them! xD

Thanks a lot for the review and stay tuned for more stuff in the future!